"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Erma Bombeck

Erma Bombeck may well be the most well-known writer on the planet but, as I have stated many times, my lack of reading verges on the criminal and I have never heard of her.
However, in her memory, (yes, she's dead) there is an essay competition - http://www.wclibrary.info/erma/index.asp
Looks quite interesting. Free entry (how rare is that?) More prestige than prize money, though naturally it appears to be dominated by Americans. Choice of Humorous Essay or Human Interest Essay. Maximum 450 words, which is a bit short for me, but may give me some practice at paring down!

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