"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Be the holy - an unexpected piece of news!

Kudos to the winners of our Fall, 2010, Odes to Olympians contest, honoring the goddess Athena! Peter Goulding of Ireland won the contest for adults with his poem, A meeting with Athena, while Kaitlyn Linsley won the under-18 competition with her poem, I, Minerva.

Well, I am highly delighted to win the Odes to the Olympians contest for my poem on Athena / Minerva, organised by the Tapestry of Bronze people. It's a contest I've been entering regularly without success - David Mohan won it in the Spring for his wonderful poem on Hermes - so it came as a big surprise when I got the email.
I actually wrote six of these Spencerian stanzas for my entry before realising, on re-checking the rules, that there was a 30 line limit, so I had to start all over again. But I'm glad I did. (And it rhymes!!)
The winning poets and poems are here


  1. Hōc bonum est! Qui audet adipiscitur.


  2. Oh Peter, at last you soar with the gods. Look down on us poor mortals with pity and toss us the odd bone from your many talents. Well done, lad!

  3. As per TFE! Brilliant! So's the poem!

    Just started 'Myths, God and Monsters' with my smallest two, so we're well up on Mother Earth, Uranus, the Titans and the Gods' hugely confusing family tree at the moment. Poor old Hera.

  4. Oh shoot! I forget what it means now.

  5. Great news Peter!! Huge congrats!

  6. That's brilliant news, Peter! I'm delighted for you. Heartiest congratulations!

    I love the poem! A well-deserved coup...

  7. Tfe - Tomorrow the world!
    Kat - I think it means Bono is in hock. Who's going to audit the swimming pool.
    Paddy - yes, here in work in this freezing cold warehouse, I truly feel I am in heaven
    Titus - thanks! Yes Hera had it pretty bad, I suppose, though didn't she take it out on Hercules?
    Niamh - many thanks
    Michael - many thanks eile
    Connie - Not quite the PKA now but its lovely to win something!

  8. Hi Peter, Great poem - well done to you, it's well deserved!

  9. Hi David - well, to be honest, I looked long and hard at your poem about Mercury and that was the inspiration for my poem about Athena. In fact, I was pretty sure it wouldn't win as I thought it was too similar to yours.So, many thanks - that's twice in a row you've won!