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a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Pat Ingoldsby

I understand that living legend Pat Ingoldsby is in the news again, literally, the picture above being used in the International Herald Tribune (I think) to illustrate the dire economic situation here.
To those of you outside these shores, Pat is something of a legend here. Once a children's television presenter, he was quietly dropped by RTE in the 80s and now writes and publishes poetry, selling it himself in Dublin City Centre.
He is not afraid to write about his mental health problems and he is a big cat-lover (as opposed to a big-cat lover) though I wouldn't suggest the two facts are connected. His poems are very quirky - they often take a normal ordinary situation and then he runs with it into surreality.

I admired him so much that I sent a copy of A Flash of Orange to him when it first came out and he wrote back with a long, scrawly handwritten two page letter (sometimes writing down the side!) telling me how delighted he was with both the book and the mention of himself in the dedication. It's a letter I will always treasure.

There's no real point to this post. His name came up in relation to the Herald Tribune and I thought I'd mention him.


  1. I knew the name rang a bell and now I know why!

    How can I get hold of one of his books? (He definitely sounds like someone I'd like to read.)

    Hey, you could send me one and then I could send back your ten pounds!

    Seriously. I love those posters - especially the "Translation" one.


  2. He more or less told me to 'Fuck off ' on Westmoreland street. I too treasure it.

  3. Are you sure that's not Billy Connolly?

  4. Very similar to Billy these days. TFE, my big claim to fame is that Sid Vicious once told me to fuck off

  5. I am glad to learn more about Pat Ingoldsby and was sent to your blog by a friend in Dublin who just bought one of Pat's books! Now I will be on a mission to acquire one myself, via exchange, international mail (as I am in the USA), and random chance!

  6. Hi Kathleen, Delighted yoo've discovered the joys of Pat! Try http://www.patingoldsby.com/ for how to order his books. (You'd think I was his agent!)

  7. I have many of Pat's books. I dont live in Ireland now and I miss seeing him. Always a joy. Definitely a living legend. A pleasure to have met him on a few occasions. "Surbiton Surrey" a funny anecdote we shared on one of our meetings. Myself and my girls were delighted to have been invited to his home to meet his cats .. a memory we treasure and the joy of words he instilled in their young minds. Thank you Pat for bringing such joy to the world. Your poems are inspiring.

  8. Hi Anne, then you know him much better than I do. A real poet of the people.

    1. hi peter .. just saw your post .. 2 yrs later!! he is a living poet and inspirational legend .. he inspired my children .. we met willow!

    2. Hi Annouska - if anything, Willow is even more legendary than the great man himself! I'm envious!

  9. I was with him 2 days ago.... He's still there.... And he's still greath. For those who care, you can ask for his books at this address..... Send letters, he don't use internet..... I buyed one of his books out of curiosity, but hoping to find the same genius he put on the signs when he wanders the streets. And I will sure ask him more books by letter:


    Willow Pubblications (Dublin) C/A Pat Ingoldsby
    3 Vernon Court, Seafield Road West, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Eire (Ireland)