"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My place on this earth poetry bus ticket

This week, the Poetry Bus is in California, being driven by the wonderful Chris, whose life story
is a salutory reminder to us all to stop moaning about the little things.
Cost of a ticket - "Write a poem that addresses your existence, or some part of it, on this earth. Simple!"
Please see much better responses to the prompt chez the Enchanted Oak, link above. I fear I may have to rely on a wild-card this week to get a seat.
My place on this earth

I am an electron
whizzing frantically around an atom
that they call Ireland,
which of course is merely one component
of this element called Earth,
squatting lugubriously in the periodic table
of this solar system.
They tell us
that there are millions of solar systems
bound together by an invisible force
and together they form this grain of sand
called a galaxy and that these galaxies
in turn form a beach called space.
It would be impertinent of us
to suggest there is only one space
along this coastline.

Under the circumstances,
choosing the black or grey trousers
probably won’t change much.


  1. Great punch line. Love it, flippant ,yet profound, a Goulding trademark!!

  2. Way to put us in our place Peter! Except that I still find clothing choices to be vitally important. Isn't it interesting that we can be aware of our tiny existence & yet also totally absorbed in how large we are in our minds?

  3. Oh, Peter .. your wild card is just the ticket!!!

  4. "Squatting lugubriously"!!!!
    I'm laughing my ass** off.
    Nice metaphors, Peter.
    And it doesn't rhyme! I'm stupified.
    Did you see the news this week about the breakthrough with antimatter? They supposedly made it hold still for a tenth of a second. I had serious trouble wrapping my mind around the whole thing. But you make it very simple for me here.

  5. I love the build-up to that most perfect ending!

  6. As they say on facebook - Like.

  7. lol!... and to think I thought I was the only one thinking in molecules!... (there's loads of it about!... no'one does irony and humour like you though.. excellent!

  8. Yes, great gouldingesque punchline - though I disagree - the grey or the black might make all the difference, butterflies wings etc etc

  9. Such dry wit - brilliant ending love it

  10. Ibid TFE. (If I'm recalling my essay footnotes correctly, and I may not be.)

    Goulding trademarks. You need a logo, I think.


  11. Great build towards a killer pay-off. Excellent.

  12. As above. I love the thought of a PG TM.