"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rhyming sestina

I've just completed my first and possibly last rhyming sestina.
When I say finished, I mean I've finally battered it into some kind of shape that I'm reasonably pleased with. I shall need to do some tinkering before I submit it anywhere.
Possibly more crossword puzzle than poetry, the problem with any sestina is how to avoid making the six end words, repeated seven times, not seem repetitious. Punning is quite acceptable, apparently!
I suppose the trick of the sestina is to write the final three lines first, using words that can have different meanings. Not that I'm an expert by any means.
One word of warning, the rhyming sestina has a slightly different sequence to the unrhymed sestina. Mixing the two up can lead to six months to one year in jail, whichever you prefer.


  1. well done, it would be interesting to read what you've written!

  2. Me too! I have fierce trouble with form..

  3. Where is it? I was already amazed, now I'm intrigued too...

  4. Aw, come on, now. If I put it up, I wouldn't be able to submit it anywhere and make my fame and fortune!

  5. I didn't know you did this! I've just missed so much! They are killer, aren't they? Fun mind you.