"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nuala ni Chonchuir

You know that everybody said that U2 really moved up from the big time to superstardom after their appearance at Live Aid back in 1985.
I do believe that the wonderful Nuala ni Chonchuir (sorry Nuala, I'm too lazy to go into symbols for those fodas!) has just had one of those moments.
Nuala of course is a novellist, a playwright and a poet, and an editor and a full-time mother and a blogger. I daresay she'd make a good job of putting up your extension too, if you asked her.
Her debut novel, You, which I haven't got my hands on yet (couldn't find it in Easons in Blanch last Friday) received highly favourable reviews in the Times and Indo last weekend, notably for the unusual second person literary style.
She recently came second in the inaugural Castlecomer Black Diamond Poetry competition, which would have had me jumping around with joy, but wasn't even worth a mention on her blog!! I believe she's also one of the illustrious names TFE has captured for the Poetry Bus mag.
But surely her elevation to the bigtime is assured now with her featuring in the RTE Guide What I'm Watching section this week. Out of all her achievements, that would be the one my mum would have wanted for me.
Only thing is, I bet she faked it, because I don't believe she has any time to watch telly...


  1. Ha ha! Hello Peter! Thanks for the feature.

    OK, I didn't blog the Black Diamond thing because I am so goddamn busy and it just escaped into the ether. I'll blog about the awards ceremony next week after I've been on Saturday next. So it wasn't blasé-ness, honestly.

    The RTÉ Guide thing was a blast - I feel I've truly made it when I'm in the Guide! And on The Stammering Poet's site too, of course.
    (And I watch more telly than is good for my writing, tbh. Eastenders, Bargain Hunt, Location. Love them all!)

    I'm raging Easons in Blanch didn't have the novel. Sold out, I wonder (hopefully!)?! They'd order it for you though, as will any book shop. It's also availbale from the publishers directly.
    Congrats on the Abridged publication and on the commendation in the Black Diamond.
    All the best, Peter,

  2. Enjoyed the post, and really enjoyed Nuala's poetry in the Diva's anthology, its hard to get literary fiction here where I live, will probably resort to amazon to buy "You" but I hate doing that, prefer to try and keep bookshops alive...

  3. What a great piece, compared to the rise of U2 if you don't mind!
    I agree Peter, you know you have made it when you are in the RTE guide, one for the Mammies!

  4. Don't worry words a day, you can buy 'The Poetry Bus mag' with Nuala's brilliant poetry in it, as well as Mr Goulding's and a host of other great poets old and new.77 pages of brilliant poems and illustrations all for just €5. And in doing so you will be helping keep poetry alive!

    Poetry Bus Mag...OUT SOON!

  5. Great post. More power to her elbow, and I must get a copy of the novel pronto!

  6. Hi Nuala, I'm afraid I'm the sort of person who goes into shops and won't ask. Still I'll be down there again in the next day or two, so maybe I'll strike lucky.
    Hi Niamh, yes, I agree, I prefer buying out of bookshops - we've had two of the 4 in Dublin 15 close in the past couple of years.
    Miss Una - one day, one day
    TFE - are you using my blog to peddle your wares? If so, that's perfectly ok
    Titus - yes, all the reviews have been brilliant.