"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Stinging Fly

Dear Peter Goulding,

Thank you for your recent poetry submission to The Stinging Fly. We continue to receive a very large number of submissions (almost four hundred poets submitted this year), and I'm sorry to say your work has not been accepted for publication this time.
You are welcome to submit more work to us next year between early January and the end of March.
We remain committed to publishing work by new and emerging writers.
The full guidelines are at:
Very best wishes,

June and I suppose the annual PFO - as Niamh Bagnell calls them! - from The Stinging Fly is not entirely unexpected. Its one of the journals I'd like to add to my CV so I suppose I'll just keep plugging away.


  1. It took a sec to work out the PFO, but I think I got it!

    Sorry, Peter. You have a good attitude. I take things too much to heart.


  2. I got this edition to check it out and I must say I was impressed by the type of material they like.. and was scared off even imagining to think I'd ever write anything even vaguely near as good enough as to be even partly considered print worthy in it... so fair play to you for having the balls to put yourself there.. :-D

  3. I do admire you with the submissions thing Peter. I get around to about one a year, but you are inspiring me, and my mentor/auld enemy/neighbour keeps nagging me about it.
    Maybe an Autumn resolution would be good, once I start my course.

  4. I think they (as in mags in general) do the PFOs at the start of a month, I got another few this week... Though I've yet to recieve my Stinging F one, but then again I may have just sent the thing to the wrong address, or maybe I did get one and have just blocked it out.

  5. I'd love to have something in the stinging fly too peter

  6. Its the little successes evry so often that really give you a lift, knowing you can occasionally compete with the big boys. As such, I really don't mind the rejections - they come with the job. For ages, I thought there's no point sending things in!
    Niamh, maybe your lack of a PFO is indicative???
    Orla, jeez, if you can't get into SF, what hope is there for the rest of us?

  7. Haha well what I write may not be to everyone's liking (hmm is the apostrophe 's' in the correct place here?). When does the submission period open for the fly, it's over for this year? I know it's before march each year or the likes