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a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Golden Pen awards

A quick trip down the completely uninteresting M4 / M6 (my sat nav refused to recognise the latter, believing me to be driving through a very large field and thus asking me to turn right or left at every bridge) to Gurteen or Gorteen about 12 miles north of Loughrea. One pub cum shop, one church and St. Kerrill's school which had fantastic views of the east Galway countryside basking in the summer sun.
John Corbett, the coordinator, confirmed what I had suspected - that numbers entering the poetry competition were down on previous years, (hence the fact that I won) but with my talent, I'll take everything I can get!! 2nd prize was Thomas Moloney from Limerick with a very thought provoking poem called From the Cradle of Mankind to the Big Smoke. Drogheda's Marie McSweeney was third. Tommy Murray of the Meath Writers Circle and Patrick Fay, whom I had met at a workshop run by Noel Monaghan last year, were highly commended.
Vincent McDonnell won the short story competition.
I read my poem (rather badly as it happened) and then we were treated to a display of food that could have fed the five thousand, including scones with jam, cream and real strawberries. All in all, we were made to feel really welcome and I'll definitely be entering again next year.


  1. With that kind of write up, I think there will be more joining you. Congratulations

  2. I had a poem commended in the golden pen in 2004, it was called The Wind in March I think and I got a collection called Eye of the Beholder by the Athenry Writers group as a prize, your blog made me look for my cert and the collection. My fave poem in it is:

    Planets by Stephen Shields

    If you look for me
    in the light of the stars,
    you will not see me
    ,by the ivory
    of Venus Rising
    nor casting iron
    ,by the red mist
    of Mars.
    But I will be there
    _stroke by stroke
    _kick bt kick
    swimming with dolphins
    in the atoll blue
    of Neptune.

  3. Congratulations Peter - sounds like they treat you nice down there!

  4. I was going to say how well I know the M4 and M6, having lived in Bristol and Scotland whilst home is always Essex. Then I realised I was an idiot.
    That aside, you get food? Lots of food? I'm in next year.
    And congratulations, by the way.