"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Riding the Poetry Bus with Kat

Okay, the task, as designated by Poetikat (and I quote)

"The 6-storey statue located on the I-75 near Monroe, Ohio (not far from Cincinnati), rather ironically, was erected by the Solid Rock Church. It was meant to be known as King of Kings, but quickly gained the nickname, “Touchdown Jesus” and others such as “Big Butter Jesus”, “8-Ball Jesus”, “Drowning Jesus” and “Quicksand Jesus”.

Yesterday, a bolt of lightning just took it out! Act of God? Freak of Nature? What’s your take?

It is impossible for me to ignore such an at-once religiously symbolic and yet ironic occurrence. For this week’s Poetry Bus, I invite you all to take any or all of these images and write whatever comes to you. It should be very interesting to see what we have to say.

This is my interpretation. Go to
Kat's Place for links to better ones.

The new Chairman

There has been a boardroom coup.
What, oh what are we to do?
The contracts that we had are null and void.
Repercussions have begun –
The statue of the chairman’s son
Has, in ways mysterious, been destroyed.

Yes, the Chairman has retired,
Says he’s drained and uninspired
And, at his age, he isn’t really able.
After dishing out the cheques,
He and other chief execs
Had one last supper round the boardroom table.

There’s a new man taken charge,
Seems he’s quite the Mr. Large.
He’s unconcerned ‘bout playing fields being level.
Where the old guy was quite toothless,
This chap’s arrogant and ruthless,
Apparently he’s something of a devil.

He has laid it on the line,
There’s new contracts we must sign
And no, he will not listen to submissions.
The upshot of it is
All our asses will be his
If we want to retain our old positions.


  1. Not sure whether we should laugh or cry! I'm going to laugh (I think I know you enough to assume that's the intention.)
    I like the "toothless" line.

    I can't believe that you didn't labour over this just a wee bit. Mind you, you ARE that good.


  2. Gosh it's so interesting to see what people come up with

    "He and other chief execs
    Had one last supper round the boardroom table."

    I love these lines

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Dear Peter: Touchdown Jesus! Powerfully he took over the helm too; quite a light display the other night! Love this power switching hands take! hahah SOOOO FUNNY! AyAyAy!!! Yes the chairman of the board is a toothless old man readying for the new guy on the block; the cinder block or cinders block? Love your imaginative poetry; very skillet rhyhming scheme!"The Boss!) haha! riot Peter, really!

  4. Fun one Peter, I enjoyed the one last supper line most I think

  5. Yep - that's exactly what it feels like - either God struck the statue or the devil did :) I like your take on it.

  6. Ingenious and entertaining! Great take on the prompt, really like the dark humour of it.

  7. I hadn't thought of that angle! Loved it, and the rhyme worked so well with the tone. You're a shooting star!

  8. A poem that rhymes - and rhymes well - and a different angle too - enjoyed it.

  9. Many thanks to all. I'm probably damned to perdition anyway so a bit of blasphemy ain't going to be noticed.