"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Magpie Prompt #7

The Earl of Stafford
The Earl wasn’t sure what to make o’
The wonderful presents from Raleigh –
(A plant called ‘tobac’ from Jamaica
And a strange yellow flower from Bali.)

“Now, one should be planted in water,”
He murmured, in deepest reflection,
“And I’m certain the other one oughta
Be smoked as a post-meal confection.”

So he got a large vase from the dresser
And arranged the tobacco artistically.
“Ah, this will impress the Contessa!”
He shouted out triumphalistically.

But inhaling the exotic daffodil
Alas! made the poor Earl of Stafford ill.
For more imaginative reactions by writers who don't try to find a rhyme for daffodil, please visit Willow.


  1. Loved -- Be smoked as a post-meal confection.

    I thinkest that the poor Earl of Stanford would not have gotten ill if he did not "smoke that post meal confection" --- He should have "followed Keats and reclaim the streets, with ostentatious snogging."

    Love both poems... really I do

  2. Not much rhymes with daffodil. Maybe "pil", "bil" "sil" "wil" "thrill". So the need to rhyme leads you on the path to such creativity. That's definitely a great thing as your poem sings! How imaginative. I feel I have been on a Jamacian vacation and I am downing daffodil pistils! Halleluia!

  3. Oh that ol' Stafford, not the brightest light in the street is he? Visiting you is delightful as ever Pete.

  4. Nice meter, nice rhyme -- a pleasure to read.

  5. Very funny and quite an extra-ordinary take on this weeks promt.. I wonder did good queen Bess like the flower?


  6. Hope she enjoyed the baccy bouquet!

  7. Fun poem! You made me laugh out loud with delight.

  8. Am I allowed to have a favorite? Too funny, by far! I've made similar errors...

  9. Love it! You have quite a gift for light verse -- also love the snogging poem!

  10. Oh this is so good! I love it when poetry makes me laugh.

  11. Talk about some wacky tabacky! L :)

  12. smoking them ehh? love it!

  13. Well, the poor man tried. his intentions were better than his intellect.

  14. Another hum dinger peter. Triumphalistically excellent. Daffodil pill swill - you could extend this for days and we'd all die laughing.

  15. Delightful, such great lines, wonderful poetry.

  16. Now you're just treading on G & S ground, aren't you? Well done!

  17. This made me laugh out loud :D
    Somehow it reminds me of the emperor's new clothes. I can just picture the Contessa either pretending to like the bouquet (for his dignity's sake), or thinking along the same lines as he...imagine they displayed it prominently at the dinner table when they had guests!

  18. haha...so just what effect does one get from smoking a daffodil?