"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Multiple IPYPIASMs in Dublin

Unaccustomed as I am to frequenting shops, the fact that the Rest of the World is whupping Irish asses in the IPYPIASM stakes has spurred me into action. A 15 minute warning notice suggesting that I might like to accompany my wife to the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre was enough to whip off four poems. In contrast to the likes of Titus and Bug, I go for quantity over quality.
So, first to the Post Office (above, close up below)

Then to Penneys (the Irish equivalent of Primark) A budget department store,

I must point out that this is December 8th, one of the big Shopping days in Ireland. At least the crowds of shoppers meant the shop assistants were otherwise engaged.

Then on to Debenhams, a swanky department store.

And finally to the Grocery section of Dunnes Stores...

I make that the equaliser for Ireland. Not that its a competition, like.


  1. Bend Oregon needs to get in the game! Very nice Peter .....

  2. Inspiring idea. Great poems as well. I'm going to give this a try sometime :)

    Check out my latest poem if you want to:

  3. "heading back home to my isthmus." That's top notch. Looks like the "rest of the world" contingent will have to get off our laurels.

  4. Aaargh, the last two actually did make me laugh out loud. It was 'isthmus' that started it.

    I hadn't noticed the similarity to orgasm until Acorn's and your post. I feel I've been doing something wrong. Maybe it's a boy thing.

    I can't leave the house. For trees. On the road. But it's not a competition.

  5. A brilliant & overwhelming assault Peter! Well done! I'm pretty sure I'm never signing my name - although I don't know why I couldn't at least put The Bug on them!

    I've just posted my latest effort :)

  6. Excellent work. We had a powercut last night so I couldn't have posted anything even if I had done anything yet (which I haven't)... I might manage one by Xmas...

  7. way brilliant! My favorite is the piss poor poem:)

  8. Yep, "isthmus" rules! :)

    And it brings back a childhood giggle. On a kid's program, a student was asked by his very pretty teacher to use "isthmus" in a sentence. The smitten kid replied, "You're my teacher, so isthmus be my lucky day."

    :) Go ahead, groan. You know you want to.

  9. Fantabulous, stunning, better than a hat trick. And some awe-inspiring rhymes there - esp isthmus, and "wrote me/ quote me"

  10. Helen - Come on Oregon!!
    Jack - not 'some time' - do it now!!
    Acorn - looks like there's been a split in the Rest of the World team. Scotland and England are going it alone...
    Titus - what's all this about orgasms?
    Bug - Believe it or not, The Stammering Poet is not the name on my birth cert.
    Rachel - yes, we looked upon your lovely weather with envy!!
    Niamh - thanks, it was piss-poor in the extreme
    Hope - yes, a very big groan!
    Niamh B - You are too kind, oh leader. The merest nod in our direction is praise enough.