"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where did that come from?

I haven't submitted to any magazines this year and  have entered very few competitions. A variety of reasons - I didn't write anything for the first four months of the year; lack of time due to grandparenting duties; development of mistrust over the way poetry publishing works etc.
Anyhow, I entered the main Strokestown Poetry Prize and predictably got nowhere. I entered for all three categories for the Northampton Literary Prize - free verse, formal verse and humorous verse -  and got a big fat zero. I've entered  Poets meet Painters (results not yet announced) and the Pighog Press Satire (closing date put back to September)
So it was somewhat out of the blue, that I received an email today from Barton College in North Carolina, informing me "that the editors have chosen your poem "Two Graveyards in Picardy" to receive first prize for poetry in the 2011 issue of Crucible. Unfortunately, the issue has been delayed but is coming together quickly. Congratulations and thank you for submitting your work. A check for $150 will be sent to you soon."
Looking back, I find that I sent my submission on April 27th 2011, and naturally assumed it had ended up in the bin.
God, if you're up there, thank you.


  1. Fantastic! Well done :)Just when one gets despondent.

  2. Congratulations Peter — that's brilliant and well deserved.

  3. Connie RobertsFriday, July 06, 2012

    What wonderful news, Peter. Congratulations!

  4. Actual, real money? Excellent news!

  5. Well done Peter, you should just keep writing and submitting all the time.

  6. Many thanks everyone. Yes, I'm feeling all smug now. My wife thinks I have piles.

  7. By the way, Peter, I thought of you the other day when I read about the Myles na Gopaleen/Flann O'Brien comic writing competition in the Irish Times. You should enter it--bang out a 400-word humorous piece and send it off for the pig iron (or the 300 euros). Details at :


  8. Congratulations! What a most excellent surprise :)

  9. That's a really nice surprise! Well done, you?

  10. Thanks Connie, can't find a closing date on that anywhere but I might give it a go if I'm not too late
    Dana, many thanks
    Barbara, and well done you on your second book. That's some achievement

  11. Nice one, Peter! Those are the sweetest ones of all :)

  12. A rest is good for the soul. And the zeros mean literally nothing. Crucible knew good work when they saw it. Much of poetry competition is an exercise in faith. And it wouldn't be faith if success came with every entry. I've been resting and working on other aspects of my character. I've also paused in competition, although I won $33.75 U.S. this summer on two poems. I splurged on flowers with it. What will you do with your $150?