"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some competitions for yiz

Okay, here are some poetry competitions with deadlines coming up before the end of the year. Anything outside Ireland that does not have online entry, I haven't included (sorry!)
1) Cafe Writers Might be worth a punt at the funniest poem entry. Deadline - November 30th
2) Magma Poetry Competition - November 30th
3) Ode to the Olympians - November 3oth - Free entry! I actually won this last year for writing a poem on Athena. Write a poem about a Greek deity - this issue its Artemis / Diana. David Mohan has won this in the past too.
4) The New Writer - November 30th
5) Print Express - November 30th - No entry fee - up to 45 lines
6) Segora Open Poetry - November 30th. Smallish prize may not attract many entries
7) The Plough Prize - November 30th. One of the biggies. Always thought this was too big for the likes of me but was shortlisted for both the short poem and the poems for children competitions last year and was included in an anthology for the latter. Kate Dempsey won the Short Poem section last year
8) Ropes - December 9th. Journal based at NUI Galway looking for submissions
9) Poets meet Politics - December 16th. Current affairs poetry competition from the people down in Bantry who bring us Poets meet Painters
10) Windows Cavan Crystal Poetry Competition. December 17th. Never had any success in this but I'd love to get onto the shortlist! Cannot find it on the web anywhere, so try Michael Farry's blog for details.
11) Greg O'Donoghue . December 18th. Run by the Munster Lit. people. Probably too big for the likes of me but at least the judge isn't the current Southword editor, who doesn't like my stuff.
12) Sentinel Poetry Quarterly Competition. December 20th. I got shortlisted in this about a year ago and haven't entered it since. Don't know why.
13) Ballymaloe 31st December. Run by the people who produce the fantastic Moth magazine that I have constantly failed to get into since its inception.
14) Crannog Magazine. December 31st. Lovely Galway-based mag that I got into once but have struggled to get into ever since.
15) Angels and Devils - Free entry. December 31st Run by Holland Park Press. Theme - Family relationships. Submit in English or Dutch
16) Franklin Christoph Poetry Award - again free entry. December 31st I made no impression on this US based competition last year
17) Flash 500 Humorous Verse competition - December 31st. Actually got third place in the current competition (its run quarterly) My arch enemy Martin Parker won the first one and got third too and another shortlisted.

There yiz are now. No excuses. Get submitting


  1. deffo one for the book marks, tks for sharing, I shall try to use it constructively!!

  2. You are an inspiration, but you scare me.