"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Bursting Exploding NanU Poetry Bus

This week it is the turn of the Mork and Mindy inspired NanU to drive the world-famous Poetry Bus and the cost of a ticket has been set as a poem "about bursting, exploding, restarting, getting it in gear, waking up" that sort of thing. Mine started off about exploding but then the theme got lost among the waffle. Please check out NanU's link above to see how much better the other passengers have tackled the task.


She burst into the ballroom like a butterfly,
an explosion of exotic, garish cloth.
All that I could do was faintly mutter ‘Why?’
and blend into the curtains like a moth.

Everybody present turned and gazed at her,
sweeping in the chandeliered hall.
Even my dear Robert seemed amazed at her
at my (and not my sister’s) birthday ball.

In fact, he was the very first who danced with her,
swirling in a dreamlike whirlwind waltz.
Anyone could see he was entranced with her
oblivious to all her many faults.

By now, of course, the crowd all had their backs to me,
the birthday girl now well and truly spurned.
A gorilla could have taken a large axe to me
and I doubt that anybody would have turned.

Since we were kids, she’d always stolen things from me,
she coveted whatever I possessed.
She stole my dolls, my friends, my diamond rings from me,
my clothes, my stash of coke and all the rest.

It was obvious that Robert was in love with her
and pretty soon they slipped out of the hall.
I pictured my fiancé up above with her
and I, left lonely at my birthday ball.

On coming back, he shot a glance from her to me
and suddenly I felt the room grow hotter.
What happened next is something of a blur to me –
presumably that must be when I shot her.


  1. Oh, I love how this one turns out! Great ticket, Peter.

  2. Dramatic denouement!A classic Goulding with some memorable ryhmes like garish cloth/moth and backs to me/axe to me
    and the coke line was very funny too.One of your best!

  3. This was terrific! I love the ending-didn't see it coming! It only seems fair-he shot a glance from her to you, and you shot her! It's your party, and you'll kill if you want to!

  4. Well! Talk about bursting forth / exploding ... hope you meant the liquid not the powder. This is clever and funny, Peter.

  5. lol, satisfying ending. Genius and no didn't see it coming either

  6. Peter, this is a blockbuster. I read it aloud and then I read it aloud again and thought good Lord, he's got himself a masterpiece! It's got great rhythms and rhymes, dramatic pacing, a sympathetic & intelligent narrator, and an outstanding plot. Never over the top, never silly, simply damn strong all the way through. I hope you take this one to publication, if nothing else. In the very least, submit to Juliet at Bolts of Silk:

  7. Hi, yiz are all very kind, thanking you.
    Lola, I never saw the shot a glance / shot her connection. Of course I meant it!
    Helen, of course its the liquid, what else would it be?
    Chris, ah, I'm not sure its that good but the Bolts of Silk site looks very interesting. Delighted to see you have a couple of pieces up there too.

  8. great story telling, i toroughly enjoyed this...great flow maintined without pressing to fit the story...

  9. Good one! I remember how hot those rooms could get- not that I shot anyone- but nasty glances.

  10. Yes. Very accomplished to tell this story as a poem, and make murder funny. Great read. Thank you

  11. Excellent:-)
    thanks for sharing

  12. Excellent confessional stuff. Didn't see it coming neither.