"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poetry Bus Launch(es)

From the pen of the editor of the greatest poetry bus magazine in the world -

Hi Pete,
The Poetry Bus is at Chaplins Bar Hawkins street Wed 27th Oct7.30 pm if you fancy reading, or just being there.
Also a proper launch at The International Bar Wicklow Street Nov 8th,which should be great craic with poets and singers and also the launchof 'Soundings' the old leaving cert poetry book.
Best wishes,

You have been warned...

1 comment:

  1. Rub it in. I would be there with bells on if I could. I'll send my doppelganger instead.
    Watch out for Sylvia's ghost; she might be on the loose.