"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup 2010 - Day 3

Algeria 0 Slovenia 1 (Group C)

Another catastrophic handling blunder,
The speculative shot squeezed in the net
And every other keeper starts to wonder.

Chaouchi’s reputation’s torn asunder,
As millions watched, from Togo to Tibet,
Another catastrophic handling blunder.

It left the poor Algerians quite stunned. A
Mis-hit shot that seemed to pose no threat,
And every other keeper starts to wonder.

As vuvuzelas grumbled on like thunder,
Chaouchi hung his head in deep regret –
Another catastrophic handling blunder.

Slovenia were fortunate to plunder
A goal – the ball was neither burst nor wet,
And every other keeper starts to wonder.

On crass mistakes do World Cup dreams sink under -
A thought to make all current goalies sweat.
Another catastrophic handling blunder,
And every other keeper starts to wonder.

Ghana 1 Serbia 0 (Group D)

While watching Serbia and Ghana,
The stands were like a hat nirvana,
Best was one green and banana
and red,
A man with a smoking pot on his head.

What logic spawned this hat devout?
Had it been long time talked about?
Or did he yell while getting out
of bed,
“I’ll wear a smoking pot on my head!”

Was he awake from early morn,
Ensuring the designs were drawn?
So proud to be Ghanaian born
and bred,
This man with the smoking pot on his head.

No international plutocrat
Has ever worn a finer hat.
I hope it is a fashion that
will spread,
To wear a smoking pot on your head.

On wedding days, the lovely bride,
With smiling bridesmaids at her side,
May ditch the lace veil and decide
to wed
With but a large smoking pot on her head.

The Queen of England, somewhat sing-
-Le mindedly is in the swing.
“One’s crown is really not one’s thing,”
she said,
“One prefers a smoking pot on one’s head.”

And Bishop Desmond Tutu, he
Announced “This mitre’s not for me.
I must wear something more carefree
Perhaps a smoking pot on my head?”

The Sikh will ditch his turban, for
Its really what his parents wore.
When riding on his Harley or
He’ll wear a smoking pot on his head.

Germany 4 Australia 0 (Group D)

With Beatles haircut, Joachim Loew
And Germany at last did serve
A sumptuous feast on which to dine
And make us (finally) feel fine.
Swift and clever in attack,
Yet always willing to get back,
They scored four goals with no reply
And shouted out Hello, Goodbye,
A tasty dish of spice and verve,
To show that all you need is Loew.

The Aussies tried to twist and shout
But really couldn’t work it out.
I pity them, for yesterday
Their troubles seemed so far away.
Sadly now it seems they’re finding
The World Cup road too long and winding.

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  1. I KNEW you would go for the smoking pot! (I struggled a bit with that line though - kept wanting to say "upon".)

    I did a triolet for today.

    No competion; just a lark!