"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 2

South Korea 2 Greece 0 (Group B)

Koh Na-bol
Lee Jung-soo
Nok Ih-tin
Fah Tuk-wik
Pas An-run
Grik Tu-slo
Qi Pah-luk
Sum Wat-doj

Seh Kun-daf
Park Ji-sung
(Ji-sung Park?)
In Ta-sept
Bit Tu-men
Tah Pi-tin
Taeguk fah
Gud Foh-grik
Ih Zi-win.

Argentina 1 Nigeria 0 (Group B)

Surveying his rebel camp
like a poncho-less Pancho Villa,
his stocky figure cast
a large shadow across the pitch.
Back on the stage
where he once drew gasps of astonishment
and tears of disbelief,
all cameras, all eyes
were drawn from the game
to his besuited paunch
and grizzled beard.

While the young lieutenant jinked
and teased and dazzled with his precocious youth,
the spaghetti western villain
spat out his tobacco
and muttered to his generals.

England 1 United States 1 (Group C)

You’d have to have a heart of stone to revel
In someone else’s moment of despair.
You’d have to have the feelings of a devil
To watch his anguish and then punch the air.

You’d have to be insensitive to wallow
In someone else’s nightmare situation,
When all he wants the earth to do is swallow
Him, and hide him from the devastation.

You’d have to be a brute to hope his team mates
Don’t score another goal to spare his blushes,
To help to wake him from this dreadful dream, mates,
And lift him from the kind of mood that crushes.

The world pokes fun at England’s jingo media
Who build the team to heights it can’t sustain.
The fact’s recorded there on Wikipedia –
Their arrogance promotes complete disdain.

I’m known for being quite a selfish figure,
Harsh and cruel and all points in between.
I’d watch a nasty accident and snigger,
But even I reach out to Robert Green.


  1. Very amusing, will you be doing one of these for each round?

  2. That's the general idea Gwen. Kind of a writing exercise. Did one for 2006 http://worldcup2006verse.blogspot.com/
    so thought I'd go for it again.

  3. Oh, You are a Good Man! I SO felt for Green at that fumble. Poor bloke!

    I hope you're entering your Maradona poem in the competition you've spotlighted in the next post. It is such a winner!


    P.S. Have been wondering if you saw the Ghanaian in the crowd, with the smoking pot on his head?

  4. Okay, Kevin and I have now gone over the South Korea-Greece poem and it's starting to click (had a bad night, I did).

    Brillo! Boy - That's a keeper! (Worth another read.)


  5. I noticed you were doing footie poems and came here to unfollow you, but I have to say I am genuinely moved by this poem... sick as a parrot even! :-)

    p.s. my word verification was just 'verses' - I swear it was, not a joke!

  6. How cool is Diego Maradona? Not only was he the greatest footballer that ever lived (apart from meself, natch)but has he a lovely Che Guevara/Castro/Cuban style hat and a Havana cigar and, glory be, a Tipp shirt!!

  7. Thanks Kat - the South Korea is a bit obcure, all right"
    BB - one month of footie poems! Some people's idea of hell, I think.
    TFE - cool, maybe, but not a patch on yourself.