"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interview on Liffey Sound FM

During my 49 often-not-particularly-interesting years, I've met some quite well-known people. I have snogged Dana, got up on stage with the Boomtown Rats, been told by Sid Vicious to "f___ off," brushed up against Rick Wakeman's arse, known John Creedon and am on friendly terms with Joan Burton.
However, none of these compares with my experience yesterday evening when I was interviewed by Niamh Bagnell (above) before she became an institution on the national airwaves.
Niamh, who blogs here, presents a weekly Sunday afternoon writers' show on Liffey Sound FM called Sunday Scrapbook. She has interviewed some great poets and writers in her time so she must have had a rush of blood to her head when she decided to invite me. Doubtless she's regretting it now.
How did it go? Well, despite being her only guest who ever forgot the music they were supposed to bring along, despite the fact that I got hot and flustered and couldn't remember the brilliant answers I had planned in advance and just waffled inanely or tailed off halfway through sentences, despite the fact I used an 'anal' and a 'fecking' and despite the fact that I could barely string two words together, I think it went pretty well!
Niamh will have her work cut out trying to edit my gibberish into a coherent programme, to be broadcast this Sunday 4pm - 5pm. The upside is, I will probably merit a place in her autobiography when she becomes a national treasure...


  1. I'm sure it's not as bad as you remember it to be. Nerves has a nasty way of distorting and elongating things. Congrats I'm sure you would not have been asked had you not deserved to be.

  2. Twas great to meet you Peter... Only sorry you didn't tell me about your sordid past with Dana etc before-hand! Never mind we've got a great show anyway, thanks again for being my guest!

  3. Will I be able to hear this? Two of my fave Irish poets? Do I need to download anything?


    Oh, and you were on stage with the Rats? Excellent!

  4. Kat - you can listen on www.liffeysoundfm.ie or catch up on the show archive later at http://sundayscrapbook.blogspot.com

  5. Got it Niamh! Thanks very much.


  6. You snogged Dana? YOU SNOGGED DANA?!!!
    Anyway, this is one show I'm not going to miss. The fact that I'll be looking after 30-odd children at the same time is by-the-by.

  7. Well, when I say snogged, it was more of a peck on the check but I could see she was instantly attracted to me.
    Niamh, I still can't believe that show happened - it went by in such a blur. Thanks again for all your help and kindness.
    Gwei and Kat - don't get your hopes up!!

  8. Feckin incredible! Way to go Peter! If you start to stammer you could always keep a taperecorded; prerecorded version of what you'd like to say; but, on the other hand, it wouldnt be as interesting now would it? Real life is best! You keep em guessing which is the clue to success!