"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Saturday, March 13, 2010

That freaky hand...

Okay, I took it easy this week. Struggled for inspiration. Nice and short. Any more freaky photos, Willow, and I really will be having nightmares!

Nightmare on Willow Street

I awoke with a start
And a jolt to my heart,
As though I’d just swallowed a Brillo.
A strange eerie breeze
Cut a swathe through the trees
And the curtains had started to billow.
As my nightmare receded,
So my an-xi-e-ty did,
And I smiled about magpies and Willow.
But I swiveled my neck
To my left just to check
That there was no false hand on my pillow.


  1. Ha! :D I'm still struggling with this one. No idea where to begin...

  2. How funny, yes, it was a more difficult prompt this week. I like your little poem.

  3. Your humour treats us well as usual Pete.

  4. Isn't a false hand better than none (being on the pillow and all)? "Cut a swathe through the trees" memorable line! Funny guy! Thanks Peter!

  5. Excellent and very funny!


  6. Ha Ha...you have penned the angst so well!
    I have to wonder about HOW Ms Willow has made her selections...It is quite remarkable that the images have stirred us all creatively and given us the "heeby jeebies" at the same time!
    Fun read, to say the least~~

  7. Hilarious, Pete!! I read it out loud to all in the room. (and it was more than just me, this time)

    Okay, okay, so I have a quirky dark side. It's pefect for torturing my bloggy friends.

  8. Part of my e-mail will now be redundant.

    Good one! It may look simple, but I doubt it.


  9. hahaha. wonderful...i just made a comment at willows today that her prompts are bringing out my dark side. fun post.

  10. Ha, ha, I love it. Such fun in words, there is to be had. You've just proven so.

  11. This was a fun poem! We thought the horse head in the bed was frightening....the mafia better not get hold of one of Willow's hands!! LOL!

  12. Fun one! I do love jingly jangly light verse!

  13. witty and clever, loved the rhythm.
    I kept seeing this freaky hand places and only realised here that it was Willow's latest prompt.
    thanks for sharing

  14. Great piece. My is a little long but I tried to push myself into a different direction. That is what writing challenges should do I think. I love this Magpie project.

  15. love it! ditto to lots of other comments...this picture made my dark side come out too :)

  16. I love your community column; I get your humor and I come from the other side of the pond!!!
    Joan Tucker

  17. Peter,

    Strange dreams, strange bedfellows,
    Oh Ebenezer what were you drinking
    before bed time dear fellow,

    yes a little on the dark side for sure,, a good read,

  18. Susan - sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn't!
    SDH and Little Hat - many thanks for the comments
    Chic - no, I'd prefer to find no hand on my pillow, thanks very much!
    Christine - muchos gracias, senora
    Muse - yes, I didn't like that picture one bit
    Catalyst - you're too kind, sir
    Willow - can we have something less threatening next time?
    Kat - will email soon
    Brian - yes, she's one dark woman
    Eric - isn't that why we write?
    RBB - God, the horse's head, yes!
    Vicki - Jangly? Yes, I like the word!
    Martine - yes, I was seeing them in my sleep!
    QMM - yes, I saw how your twisted mind works!!
    Tori - when my son was about 6 or 7, we used to read the Goosebump stories to him and I hated those dummies!
    Joan - thanks for taking a look. I often wonder if it translates or not!

  19. haha! Funny! Love your tongue in cheek take on the prompt. Now I hope I forget it before I go to sleep!

  20. Fun poem...your title sets the scene perfectly.

  21. That was a really good one, the prompt really could give one a nightmare!

  22. I wasn't quite sure where to find your take on this weeks prompt so I read all the poems on the way down and I must say I am delighted to have found you and your delightful work.

    I especially enjoyed your lament for the poor overworked, misunderstood St Paddy's Day politicos.

  23. *applause*

    This is wonderful, Peter! I love the rhythm to it, aside from the clever way you incorporated dear Willow into your piece!

  24. Oh Peter that was clever! I like it very much ...