"Seven bums and fourteen legs,
a brazen ecstasy which begs
the question some of us are asking -
is Peter Goulding multi-tasking?"

Martin Parker, Editor, Lighten Up Online

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Magpie Prompt Number Whatever


These nails, driven through my palms, are killing me,
The flies have come to feast upon my blood.
The burning sun that knows no shame is filling me
With hatred for this rough-hewn cross of wood.
But, though his face is streaked with tears and mud,
The softness in his loving words is stilling me.
My anger is subsumed beneath the flood,
Although these nails in my palms are killing me.

The peaceful look deep in his eyes is willing me
To rise above this grisly neighbourhood,
The tender smile upon his lips instilling me
With all the possibilities for good.
I leave behind a life misunderstood –
The promise of the future now is thrilling me.
The frozen twig in Spring will spawn the bud
As sure as these damned nails are slowly killing me.

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  1. Your disclaimer is too magnanimous, Pete. This is one of YOUR finest hours.


  2. A beautiful poem and a wonderful take on this picture promt. I would have loved to have written some thing like this!


  3. This is quite wonderful. I love the perspective from the other thief on Golgatha.

  4. Wow, Pete, our minds were nearly in synch on this one but your poetry is much more inspiring than my prose.

  5. Peter:

    Agree with Poetikat -- beautiful poem from pondering reflective thoughts on compassion and loving kindness,


  6. Kat, yet again I had difficulties with pronunciation! Why are the "nails" in the first stanza pronounced "nai-uhls" while the last nails is monosyllabic? Can't fathom it!
    Christine and Catalyst, you are too modest!
    Mr Oak, thanks for the comment, welcome to the fun!
    Joanny, many thanks for that (I was secretly rather pleased with it myself)

  7. The poem Golgatha protrays a poignant Passion Play of emotional angst. The imagery of the nail as a tool used to pierce the hands of Christ is haunting. The stark back-and-forth contrasts in the stanzas are mezmerizing. Excellent work Peter!

  8. Wonderful, mystical and compelling, thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks.

  9. Geez, nothing stammering. Clear, concise, and wholehearted.


  10. snap. nicely done...love how you took the perspective...

  11. Powerful, Peter. And yet you leave us with such hope ( and a hint of joy) for the future. A moving piece!

  12. With Easter almost there, this is a fitting interpretation.

  13. Powerful Peter. The piece is rich with vivid imagery and intensity and the voice is authentic. Well done.

  14. Powerful , indeed! And such a wonderful use of rhyme -- all the echoes of killing me -- so well done.

  15. Great power..."Spawn the bud"..forever..thus we are saved!!

  16. This is intense. I love the flow of the words, they roll right off the tongue. And so fitting with Easter coming up, too.

  17. Brilliant piece, Pete. My favorite of yours, so far.

    "The frozen twig in Spring will spawn the bud" ...WOW.

  18. The crucifixion from the viewpoint of the thief who believed....beautiful and brilliant!

  19. lovely poem, with great voice. beautiful

  20. Beautiful language, and honest, accessible, reverent.

  21. Quite powerful, Pete ... "the frozen twig in Spring will spawn the bud". Very apropos as we enter Holy Week.